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This page provides an updated list of software databases developed within different consortia and international projects. The aim is to promote distribution of these tools and facilitate their usability within the volcanological community. Numerical models aimed at reproducing the dynamics of tephra transport and deposition as well as tools aimed at the hazard assessment are both reachable through these repositories.

  • EUROVOLC Volcanic hazard assessment tools
  • V-HUB Online resources for collaboartion in volcanology research and risk mitigation
  • INGV Volcano modelling and simulation gateway
  • IAVCEI Commission of volcanic hazard and risk sourcebook, including a list of software for modelling tephra deposits and hazard assessment


Within the WP12 of EUROVOLC project an on-line searchable catalogue of pre-existing volcanic hazard assessment tools has been compiled. The catalogue, available here can be searched according to different tool category. For each tool, the catalogue provides (where available):

  • Link to WEBSITE
  • List of related PAPERS
  • Type of HAZARD
  • Info on whether it if FREE DOWNLOADABLE or ON REQUEST
  • Info on whether it is ONLINE RUNNABLE


The main objective of this portal is to gather knowledge, data and tools regarding physical and mathematical models in volcanology, placing emphasis on the computational approach and numerical techniques. The portal is accessible here:

VHub is a free online resource for collaboration in volcanology research and risk mitigation. VHub provides easy mechanisms for sharing tools to model volcanic processes and analyze volcano data, to share resources such as teaching materials and workshops, and to communicate with other members of the volcanology community and with members of the educational and stakeholder communities. V-HUB is accessible here:

The working group on hazard mapping within the IAVCEI Commission of volcanic hazard and risk ( compiled a list numerical tools for modelling tephra dispersal and deposition. The list is available here.