IAVCEI workshop & fieldtrip on Santorini Volcano

Organised jointly by the Commission on Explosive Volcanism and the Commission on Tephra Hazard Modelling, associated with Cities on Volcanoes 2020

Workshop Description:

Santorini is a well-established natural laboratory for studying explosive volcanism, caldera collapse and their associated hazards. The Late Bronze Age (LBA) eruption of Santorini volcano was one of the largest volcanic events of the last 10,000 years, with impacts on early European civilization. Mitigating societal risk at volcanoes depends critically on our ability to quantify volcanic hazards in the geologic record. This IAVCEI field workshop, for a maximum of 30 participants, is organised jointly by the Commissions on Explosive Volcanism and Tephra Hazards      Modelling. It will focus on the quantification of hazardous volcanic phenomena based on measurements and modelling of pyroclastic processes and products, building on extensive new work carried out on the volcano.
The first day (18 May) will focus on a series of four lecture/exercise sessions on issues related to explosive volcanism: (1) techniques of eruption parameter estimation in the field and laboratory, (2) volcanic plume dynamics and tephra fall hazards assessments, (3) dynamics of pyroclastic currents and associated hazards, and (4) risk and resilience related to explosive volcanism. The names of the lecturers will be announced soon.
The other three days (19, 20, 21 May) will be spent in the field examining and discussing a wide range of pyroclastic products, including fallout and pyroclastic current deposits, proximal lag breccias, and diverse ignimbrite facies. The products of the LBA eruption will be a particular focus. The trip will explore field relationships that can be used to constrain eruptive processes and their hazards to society, including infrastructure and human health. During a boat trip we will visit the historical eruptive centre (Kameni Islands) and view the architecture of the spectacular caldera walls. We will also visit the buried 3600-year old town of Akrotiri, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world.
Participants are expected to make their own way to Santorini by 17 May, then return to Heraklion on 22 May in time for the start of Cities on Volcanoes the following day. The workshop registration fee of 520 euros will include all costs on-island apart from three evening meals, which will be left to the participants’ own expense. Hotel accommodation will be in twin-bed rooms in the main town of Fira, and participants will be invited to suggest room partners. In order to respect hotel bookings, firm registration will be required by 20 January at the latest and will be non-refundable. People wishing to register are encouraged to do so early so as to assure availability, since the maximum of 30 participants cannot be exceeded. 


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